Nicole's Story

Read Nicole's story of being a cancer-survivor and amputee, and her journey to Forrest Stump

Part X…”The value of tears.”

January, 2002 | Jan Harley Al and I drove home in silence.  We were both exhausted and mentally tapped. Upon arriving home, I dropped on the living room couch like a dog finding refuge from his enclosed kennel.  Al made dinner and we ate in silence.  Normally Al and I...

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The last straw. My journey to Forrest Stump.

It's crazy to think I've been an amputee now for 16 years; it's even crazier to realize that I've been battling the entire time to access better prosthetic technology. I first realized the system needed to change when at 10 years old, months after my amputation,...

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What would make 10-year old you proud?

A friend recently passed along this commercial by Indeed (job search app) and I couldn't help but feel an instant connection to our pursuit with Forrest Stump. The first question: What would make 10-year old you proud? It's not hard for me to remember exactly where I...

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Our world needs breakthroughs

Three weeks ago, I received the Victors Valiant Award for my work in fundraising at the University of Michigan. Yesterday, I quit my job. It seems fitting that the words on this award will help propel me into my next venture: "Our world needs breakthroughs. There is...

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